28 Feb 2013

Fantastic weekend

Well my weekend started off with a class with Lin Brown  in Potterspury...very excited. I had car    trouble so Lin offered to meet me at the station..(very kind of her). So I started out form home about 6.15 to get a train to London Euston and from there to Milton Keynes. Lin met me bright and early so we set off to the TheBead Scene for the class. I helped her set up but that is another story....Lin knows what I mean. So the class was absolutely fantastic had a really great day with 11 other ladies...some I had met before some I hadn't, all good fun.


So this is the finished piece...did a bit more flaffing around when I got home...you can see some of the other ladies work on Lin's blog..www.yoursartfully.blogspot.com All of the finished pieces were great and all so different. I think a good time was had by all.
I would also like to say thank you to Steph for the endless cups of tea and coffee. You should all try one (or two) of Lin's classes they are brilliant!!

So next stop was Stevenage on Sunday...another fantastic day watching Lin and Leandra work their magic demonstrating their socks off !!Leandra's stand was busy busy busy all day..there were lots of new goodies to be had!!! So all in all had a fantastic weekend only sorry it had to end and back to work on Monday:(. thanks for stopping by...


  1. What a great project, looks like you loved your class.

  2. Found you!!!!Helen pointed me in the right direction....thanks Helen. Well missus, you finally did it...a blog at last. You will soon get the hang of it, if I can do it, so can you. My blog is still very basic, I haven't changed anything since I set it up really, I figure if it isn't broken, don't try and fix it!!

    Love your finished project, it's gorgeous. Glad you were able to come to the class and Stevenage, it was all a lot of fun.


  3. This is exquisite, Lin. Like you, I am a big Lin and Leandra fan - such great educators and sharers. Good luck with the blogging,

    Lucy x

  4. This is gorgeous, love the copper and blue. I so wished I'd signd up for this class. Happy blogging! jo xx


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