30 Jun 2013

Home made Washi Tape

Had a very busy week this week so not much time to go into my shed and create... Over on the Paper Artsy blog this week Darcy was back with 5 amazing projects...you really should pop over and and have a looksie.A brilliant apron here, next up was some home made washi tape and storage to keep it nice and tidy here and here. Next she did a great journal page you can see here...and last but by no means least Geisha kitty!! and she is right here. She really did create some beautiful projects this week.

All I could manage was some of the home made washi and here it is...it is a lot of fun to make so why don't you have a go.....

         And put onto cotton reels....just need to make the storage now!! 

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26 Jun 2013

Tag number five

Here is my final tag...and now my book is full!! You can see the little book here

                                                Tag 5
Thanks again to Carol for a great challenge..have really enjoyed this one!!!

25 Jun 2013

Tag number 4

So here is another tag to go into my tag book which is here

                                             Tag no 4

24 Jun 2013

Tag Number three..

Here is tag number three to add to my tag book here...

                                                        Tag 3

23 Jun 2013

Little Book of Tags

Over on the Paper Artsy blog this week it was Carol's turn again to wow us with her projects..One of them was a gorgeous tag book with tags to go inside. You can pop over and see how she did it here and here...beautiful. I followed Carols instructions on the book and also my first tag as I love that stamp!!

This post will be mainly pictures of what I have done..it is a work in progress as I still have 3 tags to complete...I didn't have the size 10 tags so had to use 8 and adapt the size of the book..

The first tag is more or less the same as Carol's..I loved her lay out and the stamps she used..

 The second tag is my favorite so far.

I stamped the image with less ink than usual so that looked old and worn.

                     And here is the little book they will all live in...

                                                   The Front

                                                The Back

                                                   The Spine

                                                    The inside

I do apologize for the poor pictures of the book but I just couldn't get any really good ones..

I would like to say thank you to Carol for some great projects this week!!

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18 Jun 2013

Up cyling update..

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I gave bunch of us PATWITS  a challenge to up cycle mystery package I sent to them...well two of our ladies were unable to complete the challenge as they were unwell...but now Lesly has finished her projects so it is time to add them to the rest!! You can read all about it here and have a look at all the great results!!

16 Jun 2013

Inspiration from France Papillon

Well France was back on the paper artsy blog this week, she did 3  great projects and a video on day two you can see them here.

My project that was inspired by France is a bit of day one and a bit of day 3..I didn't have a mini chest of drawers or any little bottles for the canvas, so I had a rummage and found a wooden calender thingy that I bought at an artsy crafts many moons ago!

I started of by scraping tinned peas and sage all over the piece with an old credit card. I than scraped crackle glaze thinly all over and left it to dry.

Next painted a thick coat of snowflake for nice big cracks..

 I made a lid for the numbers out of greyboard and put little piano hinges on it so the top could open..It is painted he same as the main piece. I then stuck it across the opening and added some lace along the front.

I stamped  the script form backgrounds 2 randomly all over in coffee archival..I watered down some snowflake and tinned peas and roughly rubbed it over the wooden blocks.

I cut a piece of wire and dabbed it with chocolate pudding and french roast, I then stuck in on the back. I twisted some strips of wire and placed those over top and then placed a die cut book plate over the top of that.. It has a quote inside which reads *enjoy today,live for tomorrow and dream for the future*. I added a hitch fastener to the top so the lid can be opened to change the days and months.
Finally I Edged the whole piece with coffee archival and as France would say Ta Dah..

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It's Father Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's out there...hope you all have a great day.

As you probably know some of the PATWITS and I did an up cycling challenge last week and one of the items was a small cigar tin...and I mean small about 8cm x 7.5. Emma decorated her tin for her dad as a gift and I thought what a great idea...so I'm borrowing it Emma with your permission of course as I really can't get into making cards at the minute. You can see Emma's here.

I base painted it black after sanding it..then put a thin layer of crackle glaze over that, When that was dry I added a coat of stone fresco. I also painted the inside black and added old book pages which had been dragged through a puddle of walnut stain distress ink.
The stamp on the front is from the paper boy set by Artistic Outpost colured with distress and promarkers.

I cut the June calender out of the lost and found paper stash and roughed up the edges and inked it with distress..attached a tiny paper clip and stuck it in the tin. I die cut a small movers and shapers fob watch and painted it with white fire TG then added some black paint..sprocket gears and watch hands in the middle. attached some chain and a small toggle and stuck that down as well. Also stamped dad and covered the letters with some epoxy stickers.
On the other side of the tin I repeated the process with the book page then die cut a memory box label die with grunge paper and painted it in stone, I cut a photo of my mum and I taken many years ago on a family holiday put string in the top and slipped it behind the label. I added 3 washers with brads down the side. Lastly I added white fire TG around the edges.
I'm sure my dad will like it far more than a card so thanks for the inspiration Emma!!

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14 Jun 2013

Do not go...

I started this page ages ago..believe or not it started off pale green after adding torn pieces of old book pages..and then I kinda got carried away. It has layers of Guacamole,butternut,autumn fire and a teensy bit of zesty zing.


 I stamped and stenciled in between the layers with olive green archival and then stenciled the tree using Grunge paste I had coloured with stone fresco. I then painted over the trees with french roast went around the edges with a white pen and stamped some Jofy grassy things from her no10 plate in olive archival..and edged the pages in the same colour.
Lastly I stamped the quote by Ralph Waldo Emmerson on strips of card and stuck them on the page. I couldn't get a good piccie of this page..the photo doesn't show the colours as they really are..

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13 Jun 2013

Stretch your wings

On day two over on the Paper Artsy blog this week France Papillon did a great journal page with a brilliant technique with grunge paste, you can see it here. It encouraged me to get my moleskine out and have a go. Well I tried the grunge paste technique and it didn't work for me...may have been the stencil I was using and then I realized didn't have enough Grunge paste left to try again..so this is how it ended up...

I painted both pages in green olives and dried it off then put crackle glaze through a large diamond stencil let that dry and added a layer of honey dew. There are crackles on there honest..you just can't see them will all the layers. I continued adding different layers using south pacific,guacamole and limelight..sorry can't remember all the colours.

I used the script stamp from Backgrounds2 and stamped in coffee archival.

I made my own stencil using the Paper Artsy dragonfly die and as I have already mentioned was not very successful so stenciled it straight onto the page with the tiny bit of  grunge paste I had left..(colored with guacamole). The image is from Wings 3 and was stamped in black archival..I followed along with what France did and made a little pocket with a tag. I stamped the dragonflies from hot pick 0019 all over the page with walnut stain distress and when dry painted them with watered down snowflake. I drew roughly around the edge with a white gel pen. I added some rubs on's to the wings and some gems to the center of the dragonfly. stamped the quote onto some strips of paper and added them to the page.
The stamped pocket was added to the opposite page with some lace underneath. Lastly I went around both pages with some coffee archival...

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9 Jun 2013

A quick wall plaque...

Sue Harrington has been over on the paper artsy blog this week wowing us with her beautiful projects. this was inspired by her flower bag..you can see it here

I started off with some grey board and stenciled the circles in opposite corners.Before removing the stencil I stamped into the wet grunge paste.(making sure my stamp had been spritzed with water first) I dried that off and painted it all in haystack/smoked paprika and brown shed frescos.. I replaced the stencil and stamped onto the circles with a tiny script stamp from clocks 1.I added some inky pool around the edges for contrast.

Next I stamped the quote fromHP1204  and embossed it. stamped the butterfly onto acetate and coloured it from behind with paint and TG. I heated it and bent up the wings..when it cooled down they stayed in place.

I continued adding more color over the piece and edged it with black archival, sapphire and a tiny bit of copper TG....

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8 Jun 2013

PA challenge with Sue Carrington

Haven't had much time this week to join in with the Paper Artsy challenge..but Sue did get me inspired with her Sewing box on day one. I need somewhere to put my cotton so thought I'd have a go. I didn't have a wooden box so used a paper mache` pencil box instead.

I used pinks and white for my project...not that I am a pink kinda girl but because my baby sewing machine is pink!!

I started off by painting it all in very berry fresco, left that to dry while I ran the mold with the metal through my big shot., (a technique shown to me by  Lin Brown). I had to join two pieces together as I wanted to put it on the top of the box. I painted it all in very berry and blended some sherbert into it, and left it to dry.

I then embossed some more metal with a little lace edging mold and painted it the same way. When it was all dry I stuck some white lace around the lid of the box and then added the larger metal piece. I stuck the lacey edge one around 3 sides of the box. I swooshed some white paint over all the metal using my finger and then added some platinum TG. I made some feet with some greyboard layered up and painted.

I stamped the tape measure onto crackly tissue paper with Victorian velvet distress ink and painted it white on the back. I then stuck it to a piece of white tape and sealed it with matt medium. This was stuck onto the top of the box along with some metal scissors and corners which had been painted to match the box. Lastly I added some buttons to finish it off.
                         Now all my cottons have a nice new home...

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A few weeks ago while chatting to other PATWITS I gave some of them a challenge..so Helen..Sam..Emma..Kirsten..Lesley..Jax..and Nicky all said they were up for it!! So I sent them all a little package containing all sorts of bits and bobs. I had a few small plastic folders that Sainsbury's used to sell with their little recipe cards so one of those went in. I also have some small cigar tins that an old gentlemen at work brings in for me (obviously smokes like a trooper but what a character!

So all the girls were sent a package and told not to open them yet! When I knew they had all arrived I sent them an email with a few do's and don'ts...

                                         This is what they got

There was also a piece of white kinda binding tape which was left out of the picture and unfortunately out of Nicky's package as she was a late joiner and I forgot it!! sorry Nicky..

 Their instructions were...

*There are not many rules..and I will keep it short Sam lol... your piece or pieces have to be monotone. I was going to do a lucky dip and give you colours but for fear of Sam getting pink I thought choose your own from these:
There you go girls just choose one colour way..all tones of.. and you can have one accent colour..but can only use it once!! You can use your stuff anyway you want..cut it up do more that one project..add your own stash..but use all of it or a piece of all of it*

So after some deliberation again on twitter of the can's and cant's this is what they came up with..settle down with a cuppa and read on...









                                      Didn't they do a fantastic job!!!

      We will be adding Lesley's and Kirstens at a later date as they have been poorly :(

I made 3 pieces..One in blues..one in browns and one in greens..

For my first piece I cut the binder rings out of the yellow folder to make a home for my ever growing collection of stencils.. I used grey-board to make the folder used grunge paste to stencil some diamonds into the corner, I also used the piece of rusty colour trim to stencil around the bottom. I die cut "Stencils" from  word play using some of the original cover from the folder and embossed it.  I then painted it all in Pea coat..I added some crackle glaze randomly and painted the whole thing in sky.
I then cut some grunge paper to size for the spine and painted it in precious metal paint..pearl blue.

I used PA minis..61,62,72,22,23, randomly stamped in ultramarine archival. On the spine I stamped the script from the paper boy stamp set in cobalt. I painted the fob watch in sky and brushed it lightly with the pearl blue..stamped a watch face and inked it with broken china and triple embossed it. The tag was painted and stamped using the cobalt. I painted the zipper with the precious metal paint and stuck it to the spine..coloured a piece of chain with indigo TG and attached it with a ring. I laid the chain randomly down the cover and stuck it using glossy accents and stuck the watch and tag with silicone glue..
I flattened the bottle top out with my original sizzix machine (yes I still have it!!) and painted it pearl blue, painted a grunge board letter A and stamped art down the side..Lastly I swooshed over the whole piece with smoked paprika for a bit of contrast.

 The inside was done the same way but with no stamping.

 For the inside I just stitched around a punched pocket and slipped the stencil inside...just got to stitch a lot more of these now!!



For my second piece I attacked the tin. I took it apart and built up the depth using grey board. I wrapped masking tape around the top to even up the insides.

I slapped on some grunge paste to cover the grey board and when it was nearly dry scrped a bit of a pattern in it. Let it dry completely. I used a mixture of vintage lace, chocolate pudding and french roast to paint inside and out of the top and bottom.. I stuck the book pages inside the bottom and the inside of the lid.

I added the disc from  the fob watch and stuck a filigree square and mini cog and stuck them inside the tin.

I painted the bookplate and embossed it using walnut stain distress embossing powder.. I painted the filigree wrap with vintage lace and attatched it to the book plate with brads. I added a mini cog and a jewel in the middle and stuck it to the lid.

Lastly I stuck some small wooden beads to the bottom for feet and painted the to match... and lace around the edge of the box and brushed it all with onyxite TG....


Lastly my third piece. I used the cover from the original folder to make a hanging. I covered it in old book pages stenciled some grunge paste randomly and inked it with shabby shutters and peeled paint distress inks. Then I just added all the bits that was left

I  painted the stamp shaped brad green stamped ART and triple embossed it. I used the piece of the tape, scruffed  it up a bit..added part of a small wooden frame and a little metal bird.
I cut a key and a pediment from a t!mmy die and a an ampersand from a sizzix alphabet die set and painted and stamped SOUL onto one of the puzzle pieces which was triple embossed and attached to the bottom using the little pin.
Everything was painted in different shades of green using frescos and I used mini 72 in olive archival all over. I stuck the mini clock key on the side and a flower on top of that. I die cut a small heart from the primitive sizzix set from the left over bandage we use for France' PA project.
So I just kept adding different shades of green randomly over the piece..and on the bottom added the trim some ribbon and tiny pearls. Lastly I sprayed it with green patina glimmer mist..phew that was a marathon post!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed our little challenge to up-cycle and thank you girls for taking part!!

You can hop over to all their blogs and read how they came up with their fantastic projects...

2 Jun 2013

On day one...

Blimey two posts in one day I really am trying to play catch up!! On day one Darcy did some gorgeous shabby coasters!! I really wanted to have a go at this..so popped into tesco on my way to work and picked up a pack of coasters with the cork backing..you can see how Darcy did it here

I only had time to have a go with two of these...don't think I have quite got the hang of it yet but will have another go when I have time...

thanks for stopping by and happy sunday :D

Darcy Wilkinson and her Victorian Adventure Bag....

We have been wowed this week by the very talented Darcy over on the paper artsy blog...and on day three she made a gorgeous bag..stamping and painting on fabric..you can hop over and see it here.

 I didn't have time to make a bag this week as I have been busy but wanted to have a go, so this is my interpretation. I will put it onto a bag at some stage when I have a bit more time.

I stamped a LeBlanche stamp onto some white cotton  fabric that I bought at the craft barn. I must admit we did this with Lin Brown in our altered book class last year. I painted her with my frescos, make sure you water them down a lot as it makes it much easier to paint. I love this technique it is so relaxing to do. I frayed the edge of the fabric before painting as the paints tend to seal the edges.

When I was happy with the image I got some sheer fabric and roughly cut four pieces and stapled them together. I then put my heat gun on them until they shriveled up. Then stuck pearls in the middle of the flower and the neck of her dress

That done I got some white very loose weave fabric and roughly cut a piece slightly larger and frayed the edges. I put some water in a spray bottle and added a small amount of paint and sprayed the edges to match the colour of her dress, then got my sewing machine out ans stiched them together...

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