13 Oct 2013

Canvas inspired by Alison

Two posts in two days!! wow...Seemed to get a wee bit more time to myself this week and the weekend off as well. Alison Bomber did some lovely work this week over on the Paper Artsy blog you really should pop over and have a look here

This one was inspired by day 2...  I just used a 5x7 canvas and followed along with what Alison did.

 At the end of September some of us patwits got together for a two day class with Lin Brown up in Potterpury..well that is another blog post and coming soon I promise!! Well the naughty girls presented me with a lovely set of stamps by Darcy because I did a bit of organizing..so I decided to use them on my canvas and here it is...


  1. Great canvas Lin and glad you found time to play with your new set of stamps, oh and by the way, we are not naughty!!!

  2. I agree, you did a lot of organising! Love the canvas, and your buttons look fab.

  3. This is stunning! I think Alison's button idea will work as an embellishment on lots of projects. you have done a great job with yours!

    Lucy x

  4. Delicious - and what a lovely way to "christen" your new stamps... Gorgeous tinting on the image and fabulous buttons! Thanks so much for playing again!
    Alison x

  5. Love the way you've used Darcy's heart, Lin! This is a lovely canvas - gorgeous use of colour and that is a lovely little tag at the side! Julie Ann xx

  6. Oooh, gorgeous canvas, the background looks great.

  7. Glad to see you making good use of our 'Thankyou' stamps Lin. Your canvas is lovely and I love the background. The heart image looks fabulous!

    Lesley Xx


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