30 Sep 2014

Paper Transfer bunting..

It's all change over on the paper artsy blog this month!! instead of a weekly challenge we have a monthly challenge. As it has given us a lot longer to come up with our creations you would think I would be able to get sorted before the last day??? wrong!!! We have had an array of fantastic projects again this this month..all very inspiring but you can't do them all!! well I wouldn't have the time to..

My lovely friend Lucy came up with a great idea experimenting with paper transfer onto canvas! It was very very clever...you can pop over and see her blog post here. Well I decided I wanted to have a play around with her idea so transfered some of my chatsworth paper onto some thin egyptian cotton. Going along with Lucy's instructions was really very easy although a wee bit messy. I used my craft scrubbie instead of my finger for a lot ot it...when it was finished I wanted to sew something with it so thought I would have a play around with some bunting. I cut the pieces but when I tried to sew the glue from the double sided tape clogged up the needle!! ooops!! so out came the glue and it all gor stuck together.

It really is a great idea..the paper once on the fabric didn't feel like paper at all!! So thanks Lucy I will be playing around with this tecnique quite a lot!

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  1. Fabulous and with a few hours to spare too!!

  2. That bunting looks amazing! Such a great idea. Wish I'd thought of it! It's so nice to have a transfer technique that doesn't leave patches behind, isn't it?

    Lucy x

  3. This is a great interpretation of Lucy's technique, Lin. I love your banner! Well done for squeezing in before the deadline! xxx

  4. Fantastic idea to make bunting!! It looks incredible.

  5. I need to play with my Chatsworth papers... Love your bunting!

  6. Fab, Would like to give this a try. x

  7. You made a fabulous set of bunting using Lucy's technique, love the word you chose to add. Will you add it to your craft space? :-) xxx

  8. Love this Lin! What a brilliant way to use this technique!

    Lesley Xx


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