28 Nov 2014

A Lynn Perella folio....

I was more than a bit surprised when I received an invite from Darcy to appear on the blog tonight. Once I had accepted panic set in! I decided to decorate a small Idea-ology folio using a couple of my favourite Lynn Perella stamps and some crunchy wax paper

It started off like this…

I did intend to make my own folio from a well known online shop but one of my crafty friends already did it so had to think of a plan B!
I painted it inside and out with little black dress, then covered the front and back in crumpled up tissue paper. When it was dry I took some cut and dry and started adding layers of colour using fresco finish paints in chocolate, pudding, cinnamon, toffee, french roast, marlin, pumpkin soup and hey pesto. When it was dry I added copper and sapphire treasure gold and fern green archival ink just rubbing it on in different places until I was happy

I covered the inside of the folio using the prima script paper. Next I set about making some pockets to go inside to hold tags atc’s altered playing cards or anything you like really. I made a kind of concertina pocket from craft paper from a sainsbury's note book so that you can put something in with embellishments etc on them.

I embossed some crunchy wax paper to put on the front of the pockets. I lightly brushed the front of them with some sapphire treasure gold and fern green archival ink.

(before I added the treasure gold).

As you can see you can fit in any size tag so it’s a handy little thing to keep all your little treasures in

Back to the front I stamped the main image from LP026 onto Chatsworth paper and heat embossed in black. I then cut her out and collaged the pen onto the image. I used some embellishments from my stash to make up the cover. Adding the final touches with copper treasure gold

I thoroughly enjoyed this project once I got into it and love all the little pockets. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. I am very tempted to make a few more to keep my ever growing collection of tags and treasures that are mounting up on my desk!!

Thanks for stopping by.........


  1. it looks totally gorgeous, Lin. Love it... from the fabulous indulgent outside, to the lush inside; and so practical.

  2. Oh Lin this is so lovely, beautifully created with all those scrummy colours and textures and the handy pockets inside. Love it xx

  3. This is a really stunning folder, Lin. I'm sorry I used that famous company's folder after you thought of doing that - I can't mind-read, honestly; but this is just fabulous! I love how you added all those lovely little pockets and what a brilliant idea to keep tags and treasures in it. Adore the little face on the front. xx

    1. great minds think alike Julie Ann lol xxx

  4. What a wonderful project Lin. I love the surface you achieved on the cover with the crumpled tissue and you finished it off beautifully with the main image and embellishments. As for the inside.....it's gorgeous! Love anything with lots of pockets. They are always intriguing to me because of the treasures they might contain and the embossed crunchy paper looks fab. All that fab texture and no GP in sight, lol!

    Well done buddy, it's a brilliant project.

    Lesley Xx

  5. I've just seen this on the PA blog Lin, it is completely wonderful & gorgeous - inside & out.

  6. A beautiful project Lin, I love all that tissue texture on the background and how you created all those handy pockets! Claire x

  7. Lin your folio is GORGEOUS! I love all the texture on the cover, then wow you get all this beautiful embossing on the inside too. AMAZING! Love it! I've done one of these on the Titanic, now I want to do another after seeing yours. Karen.x

  8. I adored this over at PA but clearly never got round to coming to say so here! Amazing textures, so much drama in the colours - it's really glorious, Lin!
    Alison xx

  9. Hi Lin. Blog hopping tonight and can't believe that I didn't give you a critique on this. Probably responded on PA blog. This is one of the best entries that I have ever seen on the PaperArtsy blog. It is absolutely stunning. So carefully done and a work of art to treasure. Absolutely adore it! Xx


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