22 Oct 2015


So topic 19 on the PaperArtsy blog is faces.....oh no most of us said I can't draw!! me included..but I was determined to have a go. I had stumbled across the Dina wakely video that Leandra had blogged about a few weeks ago and had a little practise on a couple of betting slips at work. You should pop over to the blog and have look at some the of the great faces on there..just here

I had a gelli plate journal that my lovely friend sam had made me and was holding off using it until I found somethig special to do with it. My inspiration for my face was a picture leandra had pinned from westbrook fine art...so I found a suitable page and sketched out the face in pencil. I coloured in the eyes and lips and then erased a lot of the outline to the face. I stamped various paper artsy minis in black archival and dry brushed some chalk paint randomly over the page

I couldn't get a decent piccie due to the light but really enjoyed this so will definately be playing around with some more faces..it's not brilliant but not too bad for a newbie

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  1. Ooooh very brave indeed and it looks fabulous, well done for taking the plunge and giving it a go. However, you've still not convinced me, and besides I don't have time now, going away for the weekend!!!!

  2. Clever girl! This is gorgeous and I love the ethereal look of these only partly visible faces. You've made a lovely oage here Lin.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Well this proves that you can draw faces!
    There is something enigmatic about this face, love it.
    I am still fearing the fear when it comes to drawing faces. Want to take the plunge but waiting until I have consumed some brave pills!!!

  4. Really lovely Lin - I love her beautiful full lips! Well done for being so brave Xx

  5. Wow, she is a beauty, so subtle and dreamy.

  6. This is totally amazing, Lin, I'm in awe! You are so clever! I would give it a go myself but I'm very busy as I have to emigrate to Siberia before 7pm on Sunday,

    Lucy x

  7. This is really, really good Lin! The whole piece is so balanced.....wow, what a fantastic first attempt....first of many I hope! Xx

  8. I love this, Lin! Well done for having a go and doing brilliantly too! This face reminds me of a stamp I once had. I loved it so much, but I lent it to somebody and it was lost. You have really captured the mystery of those beautiful features that seemed to appear in the mist. Great piece of work! xx

  9. I think she's lovely... I love how she emerges from the background.
    Alison x

  10. Wow, you nailed it Lin!! Looks great! ~ Leandra


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