5 Dec 2015


The last challenge over on the paper artsy blog this year is masterboards. there have been some lovely pieces by Leandra and all the designers..pop over here and have a look. Leandra has also put a video on.

So I had a little bit of time between other swops and work so managed just one masterboard...not sure what I will do with it yet...

So being inspired by Leandra's video I used snowflake..chalk..stone,,antartic..and blue oyster fresco paints and started layering until I was happy with it...stamped the tress with archival...then added a bit more chalk..I stamped some snowflakes and added a little bit of sparkle to the trees with a gellyroll pen...

And there you have it...thanks for stopping by.................


  1. Looking good Lin - see you in the morning!

  2. You will be able to do plenty of Christmas cards with this Masterboard. It looks fab too...

  3. This looks great, Lin, you're well on your way to some lovely Christmas cards!

    Lucy x


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