3 Feb 2017

powertex canvas

Trying to catch up on my blog by showing you a couple of things I made whilst being awol.

The first is a canvas I made for my daughter just before christmas. It's not an excellent piccie I'm afraid as it was taken using my phone

I started with a 12x12 canvas board.. painted it all over with bronze powertex. I then got 2 mdf heart from our mdf man and added some fibres around the edges. Meanwhile I added some fabric, stencilling and an assortment of balls and embellishments to my board before adding the hearts. The powertex sticks everything together. I added a frame and little cherub onto the small heart and a couple of die cuts to the large one. Once i wa happy with the layout I coated it all in powertex again and left it to dry.

When it was all dry I got the pigments out and treasure gold and just brushed over all the raised areas..and there you are

Thanks for stopping by xxxxx

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