21 Apr 2017

utee and resin challenge

the paper artsy challenge this week is utee and resin....love love love utee..not played that much with resin but hope to soon.you should go here and check it out

Had a bit of time yesterday so thought I'd have a little play with some utee.

I started off with an mdf atc and painted it with black gesso. then used a stencil and some black modelling paste for some texture. Next I got a small mdf heart and painted that black..then a coat of claret..then a tiny bit of brown shed and dusty teal with my finger. I pressed the heart into the embossing pad and then the utee...I did this about 4 times. On the last layer I inked up a stamp with black archival and pressed it into the utee while it was still hot..left it there until it cooled.

I rubbed a bit of treasure gold onto the atc in copper and green gold onto the atc then stuck the heart on. I rusted a butterfly charm ans stuck that to the heart.

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  1. Beautiful, Lin. I love the rusted butterfly especially. I really also love working with UTEE. xx

  2. It's gorgeous Lin. Love the texture on it all. The heart looks beautiful and you know me and butterflies 😉!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Fantastic Lin, great the background texture and I really amazing the UTEE heart it's so gorgeous. Rusty butterfly is beautiful. xx

  4. Great make Lin... Love that touch of Treasure Gold. Thank you for sharing xx

  5. I don't know how I missed this one! Sometimes the late entries don't get as much visibility, but who knows. I truly LOVE LOVE this gorgeous project! The rustic pink is perfect, with your gorgeous texture and composition. Hugs, Autumn


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