18 May 2013

First page in my moleskine

On day 3 this week France did a lovely page in her small moleskine using grunge paste and gauze, so I thought perfect time to start mine.. You can see Frances version here..

I used the same technique with bandages from our first aid box...I hope you can see it properly the texture is brilliant and just shows how sharp the grunge paste is.

  I painted layers of butternut,blood orange,and london bus using the brush strokes both ways.

I coloured some grunge paste using beach hut and a touch of south pacific and used it through the diamond stencil.

When all this was dry I die cut the primitive heart from a PA die using the left over gauze and painted it red. I die cut LOVE from tissue and stuck it on.

I used various cw stencils and stamps to fill in the gaps on the page and knocked it back with snowflake. Added another layer of blood orange randomly over the pages, and stamped a small script stamp in black archival. I used a small alphabet stamp for the wording..used a black pencil to put a shadow around the heart and done...
It has been great having France with us this week..great projects!!

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. oh, gorgeous - great texture, and I love the colours and I think this technique was just brilliant fun.

  2. Oooh you can really see the texture if you click on the photo as it enlarges it.

    Great colour scheme and love your first set of moleskin pages!!

    Sam xxx

  3. I was just going to say the same as Sam about seeing the texture. It looks fabulous and your pages are great. I have yet to venture into the realm of journaling even though I am the proud owner of several beautiful journals. Needs to get my finger out and have a go.

    Lesley Xx

  4. What a great idea to use bandages! These colours are glorious; a beautiful first page. It does look super when you click on the photo as you can really see the texture clearly. xx

  5. I love this. The colours are gorgeous & the texture looks great.

  6. oooh how beautiful those colors look the way you applied them! and i'm very honored you used my PaperArtsy blog post as inspiration for your first page in your journal :)))


  7. Brilliant! Love the way you used the bandages,

    Lucy x

  8. Brilliant take Lin (lets hope no-one needs a bandage soon lol), glad you were inspired to play along.


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