14 May 2013

France Papillon key spool..

  Day two with France over on the Paper Artsy blog and she turned some cotton reel spools into beautiful key chains..and not only that she did a video!! I couldn't wait to have a go so was out in my shed a 7.45 this morning after my big fat tabby cat woke me up demanding breakfast.. Luckily I already had what was needed..but these could get addictive so may need to get some more spools.

I had a lot of fun making this and cannot wait to do some more..this one is going to be for the keys to my shed. I followed France's instructions which you can see here on video..Thank you France for fantastic inspiration!!

 *edit* have changed the photos .....

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  1. Gorgeous, Lin - and good on you for not missing out the shrink plastic like I did (may rectify that later!) Love your fibres.

  2. This looks really lovely! The shrink plastic looks so good on it and I love your colours. I haven't caught the video yet but must do this afternoon when I have a minute. x

  3. This is gorgeous, Lin! Just watched the video and desperately want to make one but I am away - may have to make one a week too late - that is me, always late to the party!

    Lucy x

  4. Love this Lin! Fab colours and I love the stamps you used around the spool. The beads and the shrinky look great with your fibres too.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Wow looks fab and love how much fibres and detail you got on the bottom, ie the charms and the SP

    Lovely xxx

    PS thanks for less writing - lol

  6. fantastic stuff! Can't wait to get a hold of some spools

  7. Ooooo yours turned out gorgeous, love the choice of stamps and trims and your extra dangly bits xo

  8. Lin, it is gorgeous!

  9. This looks fabulous Lin! x

  10. once again, blogger ate my comment!!
    second try:

    i'm so happy you had fun making these! and it looks awesome!
    makes me proud to know this will hold the key to your shed :)

    thanks for playing along, and for the sweet words :)))

  11. Such a fun project, beautiful too !


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