2 Jun 2013

Darcy Wilkinson and her Victorian Adventure Bag....

We have been wowed this week by the very talented Darcy over on the paper artsy blog...and on day three she made a gorgeous bag..stamping and painting on fabric..you can hop over and see it here.

 I didn't have time to make a bag this week as I have been busy but wanted to have a go, so this is my interpretation. I will put it onto a bag at some stage when I have a bit more time.

I stamped a LeBlanche stamp onto some white cotton  fabric that I bought at the craft barn. I must admit we did this with Lin Brown in our altered book class last year. I painted her with my frescos, make sure you water them down a lot as it makes it much easier to paint. I love this technique it is so relaxing to do. I frayed the edge of the fabric before painting as the paints tend to seal the edges.

When I was happy with the image I got some sheer fabric and roughly cut four pieces and stapled them together. I then put my heat gun on them until they shriveled up. Then stuck pearls in the middle of the flower and the neck of her dress

That done I got some white very loose weave fabric and roughly cut a piece slightly larger and frayed the edges. I put some water in a spray bottle and added a small amount of paint and sprayed the edges to match the colour of her dress, then got my sewing machine out ans stiched them together...

Thanks for stopping by....


  1. That is lovely Lin, will look great on a bag.


  2. Wonderful painting - lovely colours! xxx

  3. Lin, this is gorgeous!! Didn't have time to try this technique...

  4. Looks wonderful, her face is so lovely. Did you have fun shriveling the flowers? It is going to look perfect on a bag.


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