4 Dec 2013

christmas card

Well I have made in total 4 Christmas cards lol!! Really need to get my act together..this is one of the first one's I made but didn't photograph the other one before I gave it away doh!!!

So here it all white on white.....

thanks for stopping by.....


  1. ooh i have the other one lol, beautiful cards, i love the whole white on white thing

  2. Beautiful, delicate, too nice to give away. X

  3. This is fabulous Lin: I love it! It looks so crisp and clean.You're going about as slowly as me, as I've only done 4 cards and I just sent one off to Canada! Oh dear! I must get a move on, but there is always something other than cards that must be done! Where does the time go? Julie Ann xx #52

  4. Ooh, this looks strangely familiar.....!! It is fantastic IRL

  5. beautiful Lin - white on white is always so classy.

  6. This is gorgeous Lin! I love white on white but I think I've only ever done one card that way.......its not easy to pull off but you've done a perfect job! I've resorted to batch making a simple design which is a disgrace really considering all the gorgeous Christmas stamps, papers, etc., I have in my stash!

    Lesley Xx


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