13 Mar 2014

Frozen Charlotte...

Julie Ann was back on the paper artsy blog this week. She did a fabulous job with three small canvas pieces with different versions of the green man. You should pop on over and see them here. Now Julie Ann used little masks in her project and I have to admit I am one of those people who find them a bit creepy..but I really wanted to play along. So thinking cap on I thought I know I'll do a samll canvas with a frozen Charlotte doll. Now thinking about this they are a wee bit creepy too!!

Apparently the name comes from an American ballad "fair Charlotte" but I have also read that it comes from a poem by Seba Smith which you can read here. It's about a young girl called Charlotte who refused to wrap up warmly in the middle of winter as she was going on a sleigh ride to the new years eve ball with her fiance` and didn't want to cover up her pretty dress. the story goes that by the time they arrived at the ball she had frozen to death....

After I had decided what I wanted to do I went out into my shed this morning bright and earlyish to get started..and guess what!! I only had the tiny doll! oops. Now these dolls have been discontinued by Ranger so couldn't get another...So I borrowed the larger doll from one of my configuration boxes and made a quick mould...it wasn't perfect as I didn't have quite enough mold and pour.but seeing as I wanted it to look old and distressed it was fine. I made my doll with beeswax.

I used a 5x3 inch canvas and painted it with concrete,antartic and ice blue frescos. I cut a small flower from a memory box die and used the waste to stencil with grunge paste up the side of the canvas. Next I die cut some tattered leaves (mini ones) with a patterned paper and colour washed them with hey pesto. the Charlotte doll was gessoed and then painted with chalk fresco. I stamped and cut some wings and paint them blue.

Next step sticking it all onto the canvas..First the die cuts, then a nice fluffy white feather and the leaves. Then some corrugated cardboard and Charlotte. I gave her a little crown too.
Lastly out came the treasure gold..denim,aquamarine and silver then a quick spray of perfect pearls mist to finish it off...

Now I really want to say that the moral of this story is put your bloody coat on!!! but I won't.

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  1. ha ha.... yes, dress up warm lol!! Love this interpretation, it's fabulous.

  2. This is adorable! What a great idea to use the Charlotte doll

    Lucy x

  3. I love frozen Charlottes & yours looks wonderful on that gorgeous canvas.

  4. Thought that Frozen Charlotte was going to be a pudding! Seriously, this project of Julie Ann's has certainly sparked creative ingenuity and diversity. To use a Charlotte doll and make a mould was genius. It is a fab project and what we we do without treasure gold,! Xx

  5. This is such a great idea, Lin. I love the cold colours too - perfect with the frozen Charlotte. Now that is a creepy story! Typical the poor young girls gets punished for wanting to show off her pretty dress! I love how you used the corrugated card and the feather. It's a really beautiful canvas. I have to confess that as well as masks, I rather like dolls like this, but I do understand people finding them creepy. Thank you so much for playing along Lin and creating something so very lovely. Julie Ann xxx

  6. Stunning canvas! "fair Charlotte" story is funny and sad. I feel very cold from the canvas and the feather added more cold. I love it! xx

  7. This is fantastic Lin! Great impro with poor chilly Charlotte!
    Alison xxx

  8. ohh fab interpretation, love that you made your own doll.

  9. Well this is more creepy than the masks - lol

    Great take on the challenge though.

    Sam xx

  10. Well, it certainly looks amazing! Good job of distress moulding.

  11. love that Lin. what a great title and story.

  12. Fantastic idea to create your own mould. Love the layers of soft feather, delicate die-cuts and rough corrugated cardboard.

  13. What a brilliant interpretation of Julie Ann's project! I have to agree with Sam on the Charlotte dolls though, they really do give me the shudders, lol! The worst thing for me though would be clowns..... can't stand them! OMG, I've come out in goosebumps just thinking about them, brrrr! However, just because I don't like Charlotte doesn't mean I don't admire your project which is quite amazing. Love that you made your own mould and the feather really adds to the icy look. Fab work Lin!

    Lesley Xx


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