20 Mar 2014


Been having a quiet couple of days since the weekend. As I had a day off to day I decided to spend a bit of it in my shed. I had an unfinished page in my journal which had been sitting there for a couple of weeks..so I decided that today was the day it would be finished..
My mum has been in my thoughts more than usual this week as it would have been her birthday on Tuesday. Some years I feel better than others but this year was not a good one  :'(

I had more or less completed the background and die cut the Tim Holtz dwelling die, stamped and cut out some bunting from an artistic outpost set. what to do next. I stuck everything down. I cut out some numbers from the word play die and decided to use all the numbers that represented the places I had lived in..73 was the number of the house I was born in etc...So many happy memories....so that's my page finished, a trip down a very happy and sad memory lane...

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  1. Great page lin - have been thinking about you.

  2. Ah Lin, it's nice to look back and recall those good times. Beautiful page by the way. Like the greens and the bunting looks great! Xx

  3. Special days missing some one very dear can be difficult Lin, I hope being able to remember good times helped a little. Your page is very personal to you full of memories laid down in a very wonderful way. I love what you have created. Thank you for sharing - big hugs Debsxx

  4. Beautiful Lin and a very moving post. Numbers of the houses I've lived in always have a special place in my heart too: they are a part of 'home' somehow. My daughter always regards 22, our house number, as her lucky number! We lost my mum-in-law when our son was 6 and I still miss her so much. She was a lovely lady and a wonderful gran. Her birthday always gives me mixed feelings of sadness at our loss of her and joy that we knew her. My thoughts are with you. Julie Ann xxx

  5. Glad you had time to remember but sad you are not having a good year remembering. Your Mum is always with you in heart, mind and Spirit, i am sure she is enjoying seeing all your creations, especially now...

    Gorgeous pages, love the die cut houses. Hope this happy page created from your memories stays open for a while:-) xxx

  6. Lin, that's a wonderful page, made even more special by the memories it will always bring to mind for you. Sending you much love.

  7. A beautiful, meaningful page Lin! xxx

  8. Your page is really lovely Lin and a wonderful expression of your current emotions. I so wish I could journal! I find it even harder to express myself this way than I did with words in English essays and I could sure do with the therapy, lol!

    Lesley Xx


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