12 Feb 2016

A waxy journal page

Another new topic kicked off this week over on the paper artsy blog...Wax..pop over and have a look here.. I am off work at the mo so brought in some stamps and my portfolios..gelatos and neo colours from the shed to do a journal page. I don't have beeswax at the mo waiting for it to arrive,,

I love my portfolios and Leandra did a great blog post on them sooo long ago..you can read it here.

I started off covering most of my pages with the white..I find it helps blend the other colours nicely..

I just kept adding colour and blending them together until I liked it so far..then I zapped it with the heat gun...it just sinks into the page and no more wax!! I then stamped some random stamps in a couple of wendy vecchi archival inks. I stamped random PA stamps and Teesha moore onto tissue and tore around them...stuck them to my pages with matt medium making sure it didn't seep out of the edges as I wanted to add more wax crayon. I blended in some more portfolios and gelatos then again zapped it with the heat gun. I then added some black to the edges and blended it in..a quick zap the added more to the top and bottom so it would drip..When that was dry I coated it all with matt medium. I will probably journal on this page but it will probably be a private one..so will finish it later.

I forgot how much fun portfolios are!!

thanks for stopping by ............


  1. gorgeous page, but sorry you're not well. hope you are ok again soon.

  2. Fabulous page spread - love the layers of colour.
    Alison x

  3. Love this Lin, so cheerful :-)

  4. Ooh, this is gorgeous Lin! Beautiful colours and I love the way the tissue has sort of dissolved into the background. Thanks for the link to Leandras historical post too as I don't think I've seen it. Off to look now.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Love how this looks Lin and the way you have used the wax gives an ethereal look to page. Fabulous xx

  6. Lovely journal pages. Love how you started with white which made the portfolio colours so soft and yummy.

  7. Lovely blended effect going on here and the black drips are a perfect finishing touch to go with the black stamping!

  8. Gorgeous page, Lin, hope you're feeling better now.

  9. Just reading your post and I feel the need for Portfolios... I must say I didn't "get" them the first time around when they were all the rage but I do now! Your page is beautiful Lin!


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