19 Feb 2016

Waxy playtime

Well here's another project for the topic over on the paper artsy blog just here. This time I've been using beeswax. This is inspired by Lin Brown's piece here..although this is nowhere near as good lol!!

I have done many workshops with Lin and have learnt an awful lot from her and enjoyed every minute...so if you ever have the chance to take a class with her jump at it!

I started off with a piece of greyboard about 6" square. I painted it with vanilla and honey dew frescos. Then a thin layer of wax...I added some torn pages from a book and another layer of wax..heated it up to fuse.

Next I used pan pastel through a stencil and heated that to fuse...some lace and buttons adding layers of wax in between. I dropped some seed beads onto it too. I painted 3 circles of greyboard and using a layer of wax fused some tissiue with stamped Lynne Perellla images.. these were added using more wax.


I ran a portfolio around the edge and smudged it with my finger then heated it to fuse in with the other layers..some gold leaf randomly around the piece. Lastly I stamped some text in black archival and again heated it.

When it had completely cooled I buffed it up with a soft cloth leaving a nice soft sheen.

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  1. oh this is so pretty!! wonder if I can make time to play at the weekend..

  2. This is lovely Lin and such a pretty colour combo. I love the Lynne Perrella faces and the touches of gold leaf. Gorgeous!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Lovely and I bet it smells great as well with all that wax!

  4. This looks beautiful - all those waxy layers with all sorts trapped in them - esp love the gold leaf in there! Really lovely X

  5. Gorgeous piece, colours blend soo beautifully with the wax and the whole board has a lovely 'aged' feel. X

  6. Lovely piece, great wax work and love the mica powder. xx


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