3 Apr 2016

barbie gets all dressed up!

Happy Sunday everybody! Still waiting for the sun to make an appearance here today...it's trying but not quite...
I had another play with my powertex yesterday...love that stufff..it is sooo addictive.

It was barbie who got the treatment...I must admit to cutting her in half and just using the top half of her body. I used one of those meat bashers to stand her on I secured it with masking tape. I gave her a bit more shape with some foil and more masking tape and painted the whole thing with black gesso as part of the doll was plastic and powertex won't stick to plastic.

So out came the bronze powertex and I soaked strips of an old linen scarf . I wrapped it around her body and draped the last piece over the stand. I added a looser weave fabric over the top to give it a bit more texture.I made her a hat with a piece of card for the rim and fabric for the top part. I cut a small flower out of fabric and added that to the side. She also has a scarf made by twisting the fabric and just dropping it over her shoulders. I painted it all with the bronze powertex making sure her face and hands where covered.

When she was dry I dry brushed some lindy's magicals over her in blues and greens. I used olive bronze treasure gold on the base.

I found it very hard to take any decent piccies as she is so dark but hope you can get a good idea what she looks like. I am very pleased with her and will be entering her into the paperartsy challenge which you can read all about here.

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  1. Absolutely love that hat and the fibers you have used look stunning as you can really see the texture. Great colour choices for the pigments too - love her xxx

  2. Love it especially the hat. Happy crafting, Angela x

  3. Love her. Much more elegant than any barbie I've seen before. Great texture like Sam says x

  4. Wow! That's fantastic Lin!👏👏👏

  5. Absolutely superb! I said to Sam my Barbie's have arrived. I was going to try gesso on the plastic too. Had intended to try kitchen roll holder but meat mallet is even better. If mine turns out half as good as this will be well pleased,

    Lucy x

  6. This is fabulous Lin....love her, great textures and colour! Chopping barbie in half...tut, tut! Xx

  7. This is fabulous Lin....love her, great textures and colour! Chopping barbie in half...tut, tut! Xx

  8. Well done, Lin! You'd never know she was a Barbie once - she looks so much classier now! She is very Audrey Hepburn in that hat! Very inspiring work with Powertex! Love it! xx

  9. She's absolutely brilliant Lin and all the way through the post I was thinking 'I love her hat' and lo and behold the first comment I see is Sam saying exactly that, lol! I also love the extra bit of elegance from her scarf and her the texture on her outfit is wonderful! Great make~!

    Lesley Xx


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