17 Apr 2016

powertex sculpture

I have been having another play at a powertex sculpture...this time using an armature instead of half a barbie lol.

I have to say I so enjoyed this and I love him!! It would take me ages to walk through everything but I basically made the armature and bulked him out with some tin foil the wrapped him in masking tape.

Next I played around sitting him on the paper mache books until I was happy with him. I made some trousers and jacket just roughly sewing them into shape and off I went. Dipped it all in powertex and dressed him...I added different bits of his clothing in stages and when he was dry I added a few different colours of treasure gold.

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  1. He's simply fabulous, Lin! I love the books he's sitting on, and his walking stick too; in fact I love everything about him.

  2. He looks wonderful Lin! Really, really good - you must be very happy with how he's turned out Xx

  3. He's absolutely fantastic, great idea to roughly sew the clothing together, think I'll try that with my next one too xx Love the cane and the high collar, they really finish him off and give him a Victorian style xxx

  4. He looks wonderful! Very Charles Dickens.

  5. he is fantastic Lin you clever girl xx


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