26 Mar 2013

Been missing

Hi all
Just a quick post to say I am still in the land of the living but have been so busy that I didn't even get to enter the paper artsy challenge this week!! So will have to catch up with last weeks entries tomorrow.

We had our cavity wall insulation and the loft insulated yesterday..so the weekend was taken up emptying the loft....oh my word what a task and a half that was!!! I didn't think there was that much up there, well think again!! It took all day Saturday from early until late evening to get it all down and kind of get it into piles of get rid...car boot..give away and put back. I can't believe how many suitcases were up there...where did they come from?? Then there was all the sentimental stuff which will go right back up there. I even found 2 boxes that hadn't been unpacked from our old place..which will be 17years later in November. I don't ever remember being so dirty!!.
So Sunday morning was a few trips to the dump and relax. Only thing now is sort it so that it can go back up in some kind of order!! I am so glad I took this week as vac from work or I would have been pulling my hair out.

So tomorrow I have promised myself a day in my workshop...just to play and do nothing boring like cleaning and cooking!! And Thursday I am going to the Ideal Home Exhibition..haven't been there for years So for now off to pay the bills.....catch you later

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  1. Hi, nice to know what's been keeping you from crafting!! I was meant to have my loft done at the end of last year but put it off for the exact same reason you mention (and having no-one to help with the lifting in and out...) was meant to re-arrange for January but oops it's March; nearly April... oh well! I guess all the clutter up there acts as a kind on insulation anyway.... !! Hope you get to play soon.


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