18 Mar 2013

March 18th

18th March was my mum's birthday, so this a hard day for my dad, my sisters and our children. We all miss her so much although it will be 11 years this year.

Last year I did a class with Lin, an altered book. One of the most enjoyable classes I have ever done, although I do have a great time at all of them. Anyway I have been working on a page using a picture..a very old picture I might add of my mum and me standing on the cliffs in Cornwall. I just love this picture. I do have little snippets of memories from those holidays, so I wanted to get it finished in time for her birthday. Still not sure if I will frame the pages with a darker ink..still thinking on that one. I will do the journalling at some time today but that will be just for me...

We were very lucky to have such a brilliant mum, she was beautiful inside and out and taken from us far too soon. I know there are many of you out there who have also lost somebody far too young!!

   I read this somewhere, thought it was a lovely sentiment and it say's it all..

                 If tears could build a stairway
                  And memories a lane
                I'd walk right up to heaven 
                 And bring you home again
                               'author unknown'

                So my page is dedicated to my lovely mum with all my love xxx

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  1. Oh, Lin this is beautiful!! What a lovely page to remember your Mum by.


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