2 Sep 2013

#3up challenge round 2...

As it is the 10th anniversary over at Paper Artsy this august Leandra had another cunning plan up her sleeve!! Round 2...
This time she invited more people into the challenge..about 40 of us I think....so once the list was closed we all received an envelope and a double side set of instructions!! A4!!!

As far as I can gather everyone got different bits in their envelopes and as Leandra put it you were either going to love what we've got and others are going OMG what do I do with THAT!..Well let me tell you I definitely fell into the OMG category lol..and no Leandra I did not find myself making something better than anticipated!!!

                                     Our instructions

I have to admit I sat there for ages and had no idea what to do with the things I had been sent but as Leandra says 'no wimping out'. I knew that whatever I made would not be to my taste as the things were so far away from anything I would usually do. So in the end I thought just get on and do something...and here it is...

                               The contents of my envelope

                               And this is what I came up with

I took white smoothy card and stamped the elephant directly onto it. coloured it using prismas and a touch of fresco paint. I used three of the eyelets in the opposite corner with a little bow made from the ribbon. I didn't use the hanging board as I felt the images were too big,so I cut off the string and used it for the elephant to walk on lol!!

This one was made in the same way apart from the string was tied to make a little bow tie for the Lion.

And lastly this one..
After stamping the elephant I placed a mask over it and stenciled the swirls with guacamole fresco paint. I also masked a ribbon shape using post it's and again stenciled the swirls in the top left hand corner...

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. You know, Lin, I think these are quite charming! They are beautifully coloured and they look a bit like vintage birthday cards from the 1950s. They are definitely not what I've come to know as your style, but I think you really rose to the challenge and created something very pretty! Julie Ann xxx

  2. Well done, Lin - I would much rather have had your stamps than mine, as evidenced by the fact that I only used one of the whole set!!! These cards look just great, - perhaps you should try CAS more often!!!

  3. I think thy are lovely CAS, single layer cards. You should be proud of them especially since you were so far out of your comfort zone. Well done!

  4. I really like what you have done with these stamps - they look great

  5. Oh my, oh my, still laughing by the way!!

    Loving your zoo animals!!

    Sam xxx

  6. They're so cute!

  7. Lin I love your clean and simple cards and so would my grandkids! Absolutely brilliant!

    Lesley Xx

  8. well done Lin - these are such cute cards. it was a flippin hard struggle with this kit wasn't it!

  9. CAS is one of my fave techniques, really enjoyed your pages, very clever and different:-)


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