26 Sep 2013

Ally Pally here we come!!

Saturday just gone was the big show at Ally Pally!! I look forward to this show twice a year as I don't have a decent craft shop near me so it great to go and have a mooch so to speak. I met Helen outside and we queued for ages. We had a plan...go and see the mdf man and straight over to Paper Artsy...well that was before Gillian and Nicky popped outside and told us that there wasn't that many new embellies on the Paper Artsy stand!! so change of plan lol!!! We went straight over to where Leandra and Lin were already demoing and grabbed us a few packs!! Then we went over and hassled the MDF man!! We also met up with Sunshine Cazz and her mum and Kirsten came later on in the afternoon.
After the show we went to the pub for a quick drink and everybody was knackered but in a nice way if you know what I mean.
I did go on Sunday as well and met up with Lucy and her friend who's name I can't remember (sorry) Alison and Julie Ann and probably more I've forgotten!!
So won't bore you with any more here are some piccies of the day..not as  many as I would have liked I'm afraid..

 Getting very busy already!!

                                  Leandra and Lin doing there thing!!

Helen and Karen taking the weight off!!

 And when we went back in Jo was there so we sat and had another natter lol!! like you do!!

    Mark having  chat with Rachel and Janet

                                                      Leandra demoing


Gillian and Nicky and below with Lin
                            And here are some piccies of my stash!!!

                     Well that's it for a few months but ad a fantastic time!!


  1. Great to see the pics, and your stash again, it all looks very familiar, lol, probably because I got much of the same stuff... what a fabulous day out it is to be sure... roll on April!

  2. Love ur stash! One day Ill meet u there too! x

  3. Oooh fab pickies, thanks so much for sharing, and what wonderful stash you picked up too - you'll need those few months to play with it all!!!

    Sam xxx

  4. Ooh, Lin, it's so interesting to see what you bought! Because I met you Sunday I thought you were ever so good and you put me to shame with how restrained you were!!! Lol! I love your choices - those little birds really tempted me too and I think I see a 'Lost Coast' stamp in there too! Oh yes, and I've already used one of those dangly things - they look great Treasure golded! I keep thinking of things I could kick myself for not grabbing, but I had spent all my money in minutes on the PA stand! I do hope we'll meet again at a show soon!

  5. 2 toffee's Lin? lol what a faberoony stash!


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