1 Sep 2013


Well it's Darcy's last week as GD over on the paper artsy blog and what a week it was!!! Her first project of the week was a lovely chalkboard...you can pop over and see it here. I loved the project and thought I definitely wanted to have a go..also want to have a go at all the lovely projects she rustled up this week..the patchwork paper here...and the fabric book is to die for..but need to find some jeans to cut up!!! you can see it here..well you should just go over and see all of it from here because she even designed some gorgeous stamps!!!

For my chalkboard I used a bingo clipboard which I had picked up ages ago in one of those pound shops.. I painted it all over in little black dress, Then I coloured some grunge paste with guacamole and stenciled the leaves up the side. I then painted in some hey pesto and green olives.

After seeing Darcy's new stamps it gave me an idea what to put on the leaves as I didn't really want flowers because the board is a bit small. I bought some great molds at Stevenage earlier this month and one of them has a cute little heart..so I made some light weight paper clay hearts and painted them with claret and london bus frescos..they were stuck on along the vine. I made a banner with some calico and painted it with haystack. This was all assembled onto the board and little paper clay bumble bee.
I made a loop from grunge paper to hold the chalk...and done.

I would like to thank Darcy for sharing her fabulous projects with us with such great step by step instructions

thanks for stopping by....


  1. Beautiful, Lin - and I second your thanks to Darcy. What a week (again!)

  2. That's Fab Lin! Love the hearts & vine... looks just like one of Darcys New stamps! xxx

  3. Wow this looks fab Lin, love the little bee and those vines and hearts look stunning.

    Sam xxx

  4. Fab-u-lous I like that its your take on it

  5. Thats fabulous. Those tiny hearts are perfect likr they were made for the job. Love the shape of the banner.

  6. Fabulous design and color, bee and hearts is so cute!

  7. This is so pretty! I love the hearts and the letters at the top. It is all just perfect and works so well. I only just saw it so sorry for the late comment. Life just seems to be running away with me at the moment! Julie Ann xx

  8. Fab shaped chalk board, really good size. Loving your vine and hearts:-)


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