24 Nov 2013

Inspired by Liz Borer

It was the last week for Liz Borer as GD over on the Paper Artsy blog this week and what a great week it was. I loved the project on day 2 and so thought I would like to have a go. I more or less copied Liz's technique and design But first you really should pop over here and see Liz's fantastic project. .I wish I had had more time to flaff about with it...but I didn't..so here it is.

I won't go over how I did it as I more or less followed instructions from Liz. Thank you Liz for yet another week of great projects!!

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. Awesome! Gorgeous effect and beautiful colours combo. I love it Lin.

    Etsuko xx

  2. It looks great! Love the colours, and the balloon is one of my faves!

  3. Very effective... even without further faffing!

  4. Lovely work, Lin! I like the idea of 'Fly me to the Moon'. You have followed Liz's technique, but made this your own. Have a great Sunday. Julie Ann xxx

  5. Beautiful, love those swirls in the sea, really just want to stroke them,

  6. Wow! Lin, that is stunning. I must get that balloon stamp......


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