13 Apr 2014

Inspired by Michelle and challenged by Emma

I will fill you in on this little book when I have posted the piccies...

*Edit* I was very busy this weekend going to Ally Pally..so didn't have much time to craft. So when I got home today I had to finish the second piece of a challenge from Emma and also an entry for the Paper Artsy challenge. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I loved the little book that Michelle made this week, so decided to do a meander book with some of the new Chatsworth papers. And to go along with Emma's challenge I put the Mona Lisa tissue on the cover!!


  1. This is such a great idea - wonderful adaptation of Michelle's little book. It was lovely to see you Saturday. I am looking forward to catching up with all those Paris piccies! Julie Ann xxx

  2. okay, so I guess this fulfils your 2nd Emma challenge just in the nick of time!!!

  3. What a gorgeous little book, Lin! I see you got in before the deadline! Wish I had been with you all yesterday,

    Lucy x

  4. It's a delightful little book... and Mona looks marvellous on the cover. Lovely to see you - if briefly! - today!
    Alison xx

  5. I second what everyone has said, that is gorgeous Lin.

  6. This is lovely Lin. Hope we're going to see the inside too. You are very good using some of your papers. I'm going to be hard pressed to cut into them....too beautiful! So good to see you this weekend and enjoyed our coffee/tea break ... probably more than you seeing as how I kept spilling your tea, lol!

    Lesley Xx

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