6 Apr 2013

Michelle Webb's most memorable experiance..

Sad to say it was Michelle's last project over on the Paper Artsy blog this week and she made the most beautiful journal page...it is lovely, you can see it Here...

So out came my altered book which I am still working on, and when I got home from work I got a chance to have a play...

I used the same technique as Michelle with masking tape and lots of little stamps. I just kept adding layers until I thought STOP...that's enough lol...After adding a few layer's of  paint I used some dreamweaver translucent paste mixed with smoked paprika, I tapped the paste while the stencil was still in place to add a bit more texture

When it was dry I added some white fresco over the top to knock it back a bit. I had left some 'white space' for my stamping and chose 'London the only place from which to begin my journey' I continued to stamp small text stamps in different colours archival to fill some of the blank spaces.

Lastly I stamped some Jofy flowers along the bottom using archival inks and painting in with frecos. I got out my white pen and just added a few highlights here and there..
Stamps used:Minis 22 27 46 48 56 57 62 and 72...Jofy 10 ESN03 and 08 and finally clocks 1
Frescos..snowflake, beach hut, south pacific, smoked paprika and tinned peas.
Archivals..olive, black, venetian orange, cobalt, vermillion and mangenese blue...phew what a list.

I enjoyed every minute of this project..so thank you again Michelle for sharing your art with us!!


  1. Oh, Lin I love this ! I nearly used a little JoFY stamp for my flower, too, how funny! Love the white highlights too.

  2. Lin, this is very, very cool, I love it LOTS! I like the colours, the stamping and most of all the texture. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, I'm sorry I'm late in replying to your lovely post. Thank you for taking inspiration from my journal page, yours is amazing. Michelle x


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