15 Apr 2013

My favorite kind of weekend

What a lovely weekend I have just had...the long awaited craft show at Ally Pally!! I had a two day ticket so I could pop back on the sunday as well, also cadged a lift so I didn't have to drive, (well my feet were killing me from saturday!!!!

Arrived there bright and early so had to queue for a while but met Helen on the way in so had a nice chat while we waited in the queue. As soon as we got in we made our way straight to the Paper Artsy stand. Honestly it is so hard to get near Lin and Leandra while they are demoing and it quickly filled up! Leandra passed us a list of all the PATWITS who were all going to meet up at the stand...you know who you are...lol

I had a wonderful  day it was so nice to put faces to names or names to faces and lovely to meet so many new people.

Leandra and Lin worked their socks off all day it was so busy on that stand and poor Mark had to man the till with a massive queue all day..so big thanks to him too.Millie also worked her socks off as well keeping everything stocked, cos we were buying it quicker than she could get it on the shelves!!

Leandra kindly made me a lovely sample....isn't she gorgeous, thank you Leandra so glad I bought that set!

 So here's Lin doing her stuff..this was when we first got there before she was swamped and I mean swamped with crafty folks around her and Leandra all day!!

This was a bit later on in the day when Leandra and Lin got a little break away from demoing, but as you can see Leandra didn't take a break she just started filling the shelves...but to be fair the stock was disappearing fast!!

While they were having their break we had spot demos from Michelle and Darcy..thank you ladies they were great!!

This is Michelle with her masterpiece.....

And this is Darcy with hers!!

When the show finished we headed to the pub and had a well deserved drink...some of them of the alcohol type and some not lol.! Here is a picture of some of the lovely people who came along. I am not going to try and attempt all the names at the moment as I have got a couple of them mixed up so don't want to upset anyone..(I am sure Helen will help me out here:)) Not everyone is in this piccie but the others came out all blured...and no I wasn't drunk just hopeless at taking piccies when people are moving...

*EDIT* I have been given the names by Helen..so I can now fill in the gaps, from left..Hazel..Alison..Nicky..Gillian..Emma..Leandra..Millie..Sam and Carol...if this is wrong blame Helen lol

Got home and emptied all my bags and wow there is a lot of stuff there...but I needed it lol!!

This will keep me going for ages and ages!!! well until Stevenage lol...

So as I don't go back to work until tomorrow I got time this afternoon to have play in my shed.
Taking inspiration from Lin's post last night..you can see it Here I had a painty afternoon and this is the result!

So thank you again for a fantastic weekend shame I have to go back to work tomorrow...thanks for stopping by....


  1. well if you want the names just shout!! I love your decorated LIN - you look gorgeous!! What a great day it was on Saturday (kind of wish I'd gone on Sunday too...) it was lovely to chat to you in the queue and round and about the show... see you at Stevenage!!!

  2. Looks like you had a fab time!

    Lucy x

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time, just wish I had been more prepared and had my own tools to do the demo, ah well nobody ran off screaming lol

  4. Hi Lin ! It's fantastic to read you today and see how much fun you had too in Ally Pally event, especially on the stand of PaperArtsy hee hee !!! Thank you for all the photos and anecdotes ! And your boughts are great, you should have a lot of pleasure with them !! You first creation since them is really beatiful, wow !! Coco xx


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