25 Apr 2013

Ticket Strips

Good morning...it's quite a grey and dismal morning here today after such a lovely day yesterday, but then the weekend is approaching so what can you expect.

I got a little bit of time yesterday after running around all morning to spend in my workshop.Darcy had tweeted on Sunday I think it was about a video she had found on YT using Tim Holtz ticket die, and I thought I watched that video a looooong time ago,it's in my favourites HERE I had even bought the die to have a go and wondered where did those little tickets go.........
I started looking for them....couldn't find them and made a bit fat mess in the process!! So the first thing I did was try and tidy up the said mess and by the time I had got it reasonably tidy it was nearly time to cook dinner!!

I took a large manila tag and cut three strips of tickets and just had a very relaxing hour stamping and painting them, they are such fun to do...so thank you Darcy for the reminder!!


  1. They all look great, Lin. Love the pink ones in the middle!

  2. Back in the day about a zillion years ago, we used to make faux postage. Would acsh mask off, DTP with pigment ink, over stamp brilliance black. Use sewing machine to perforate. Then u would swap your postage stamps with others! Great bellies.

  3. These are gorgeous, Lin! I particularly love the top one, with the birds!

    Lucy x

  4. Ooooh lovely sets Lin. Love your colour combos and the images fit perfectly.

    Sam xxx


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