13 Jul 2013

Sizzling Summer

I was very surprised to be chosen as a top 3 merit winner on the  country view crafts challenge. When I was told the challenge was *Sizzling Summer* I thought hmmm have to get my thinking cap on here. So I sat down with a cuppa and thought what does sizzling summer bring to mind?

Well it takes me back to when I was a little girl when summers were long hot sunny days down in Cornwall or Camber Sands with my parents and sisters...lovely memories.
So I took a 4"x4" canvas and painted in the sea with a little bit of the beach showing using fresco paints and a tiny bit of grunge paste coloured with haystack fresco. I used a stampin up stamp..(I think it is from a retired set) and stamped the girl on crackly tissue paper. I painted it from the back finishing it with snowflake frescos to make the colours pop. I stuck it onto the canvas using matt medium and touched up the edges so they disappeared into the canvas.
I then prepared a 6"x6" wooden box frame, I distressed it using paper artsy crackle glaze, then sanded it back to age it some more. I added a Tim Holt word  band with string and some shells, reindeer moss and netting to the bottom and a starfish on the top of the frame. I lightly brushed some walnut stain ink around the edge to finish it off.

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. That is beautiful!! I love the crackle on the frame, it looks like a distressed beach hut.... well done again on your win.

  2. gorgeous Lin and perfect for this weather. crackle looks really good.

  3. Well it doesn't surprise me at all, Lin, that you would be a winner. I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful work this past few months. This is lovely, and evocative of my past summers too,

    Lucy x

  4. No, it doesn't surprise me either Lin. This is really lovely and very reminscent of childhood summers. Why don't they seem like that when you're older, lol! Love the crackled frame.

    Lesley XX

  5. I agree with Lucy and Craftimama! Your work is lovely and your win completely deserved! I love the frame and agree with Helen that it evokes beach-huts weathered by the sea! Everything about this is perfect! I went to Cornwall and Camber too! This really evokes memories of those endless summer days. Lovely colours and textures - inspiring! Julie Ann xx

  6. Well done again on your top 3 spot

    Loving that crackle and perfect scenery and image for this gorgeous weather.

    Sam xxx

  7. Wow wow wow gorgeous awesome frame, truly beautiful :-) Kezzy xxx

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