10 Feb 2014

A Day at Stevenage...

Had a fantastic day at Stevenage today along with just a few other #Patwits... Leandra and Darcy were busy all day with Demos and there was so much new stuff!! but it's all sekrit..well for now anyway..if you go over and follow the Paper Artsy blog here this week all will be revealed!!

It was so nice to catch up with so many #patwits and a lot of chattering and laughing made up a lot of the day..so here's a couple of piccies...I also met the lovely Alison Bomber who I didn.t get a piccie of but Helen did.

                 We arrived to see Leandra and Darcy already working hard

     Some of the #patwits on their first round of shopping..from left to right..
                        Julie Ann Jo Alison Helen Debs and Hazel in the front                       

                      Next here's from left to right Karen Kirsten ad Lin...

                And here is a quick piccie of my stash..can't wait to have a play...

Had a fantastic day as always thanks guys for making it so much fun. Helen has loads more piccies of the day on her blog so you can pop over here and have a look

thanks for stopping by.....


  1. Thanks for the great company

  2. You lot are such a tease!! So pleased you managed to meet up with so many peeps and looks like you picked up a lovely stash on new stuff.

    Can't wait for the sekrrit stuff to be revealed this week.

    Sam xxx

  3. Great blog post, you got a wonderful array of stash (I'm ignoring the pic of me). :) It was lovely to see you.

  4. Great blog Lin. The pics really stand out on the dark background. Fabulous day, fabulous company and great stash. Let's do it again. X

  5. That's a good looking haul - hope you have lots of fun playing. Lovely to meet you too!
    Alison x

  6. Nice looking haul, some great pictures and glad you got to meet up with some of the #PAtwits :-) xxx


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