23 Feb 2014

Altered Botlle

I loved Lucy's altered bottle over on the PA blog this week...so clever.go over and have a look here.
I didn't really have a suitable bottle so ended up using a small jar from Ikea.
I took some pages out of an old book and gave them a coat of Beach hut fresco paint. Let that dry and tore them up into smaller pieces and stuck them to the jar usung matt medium. I didn't have fimo either so used some very light weight kinda paper clay. I rolled it out and pressed a flower stamp from ELB04. I cut it out and let it dry.
I painted the lid of the jar with a couple of coats of Bora Bora and let that dry.I stamped a leaf from the same set randomly over the jar and stuck some bobble trim around the neck.

I painted the flower with chalk hey pesto and beach hut and used the end of a BBQ skewer to add some dots to the jar. then stuck the flower onto the jar with my hot glue gun. I added some clay leaves that I had made a long time ago.

To finish I put a pearl in the centre and used  a black sharpie pen to put some tiny spots on the petals...

I really enjoyed doing this piece..stamping into the clay is a brilliant idea so thank you Lucy
 thanks for stopping by......


  1. ooh, me likey! I don't have any clay at all so well done you. The colours are gorgeous.

  2. Oh Lin, I love this! I love the shading in the middle of the flower and the shape of the petals! The colours you have used are gorgeous! Don't the paints work well on the glass? Couldn't do that with ordinary acrylics. Thank you so much for trying this out - with beautiful results!

    Lucy x

  3. Fantastic! Love the clay ornament (never tried myself). Hard to believe this is glass underneath!

  4. I can see you enjoyed making this Lin, it turned out really pretty, excellent take on the project.

  5. This is pretty Lin, I didn't get a chance to try this technique this week, but have painted on glass with Frescos before.

  6. Just lovely - book pages and turquoise - right up my street! Fabulous bit of altered art, Lin.
    Alison x

  7. Wow, Lin, this is gorgeous. I love the colours; I love the book text - it's terrific! Julie Ann xxx

  8. Beautiful bottle Lin! Beautiful dimension on your flower and the colours are just adorable. Can tell you enjoyed creating this beauty :-) xxx

  9. Lin, that is SO beautiful. Gorgeous colours & the flower looks lovely.


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