2 Feb 2014

Quickest post ever!!

This week Gillian paid us a visit over at Paoer Artsy. she did a gorgeous mad piece using the paper artsy postcards that we all receive in our crafty packages....you can pop over and see it here..

I well and truely ran out of time this week so did this piece in about ten minutes!! I do quite like it though :D

I didn't have time to do loads of stamping but I think like it without....

thanks for stopping by..............................


  1. wow you really did just get in in time! I like it just how it is too...

  2. Thought that I was speedy Gonzales but you were so quick. Still love it though. Green is fresh and background interesting. Well done you! X

  3. Looks fab and I don't think it needs any more either coz you'll cover up all those fab images on the postcards!!

    Sam xx

  4. Wow! That is speedy and it works really well, Lin! I love it! Julie Ann xx

  5. This is fabby, wish I cld do something gorgeous in ten minutes!

    Lucy x

  6. Yep, no stamping required on that beauty. It's gorgeous.

  7. Wow Lin, no way could I make anything in 10 minutes let alone something that looks as good as this! I agree with you and the others .... no stamping necessary at all!

    Lesley Xx

  8. It's yummy, Lin - I love the fresh, vivid greens... So lovely to meet you today, and I'm so glad because it made me realise I hadn't been here in a while. I always enjoy it when I come, so can't think why I wasn't already signed up as a follower... done now!
    Alison x


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